Commercial Cleaning

Retail Cleaning


At MC Cleaning and Maintenance , we will always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, and to make sure your store always looks its best.


Office Cleaning


The appearance of your business space is important, not only for customers who walk through your doors, but for employees who require a clean, safe and healthy workspace where they can be productive. With all of those hours spent in one single area, your office space probably requires a thorough professional cleaning on an ongoing basis.

School Cleaning


Educational facilities typically house a large number of students, which can create a breeding ground for fast-moving diseases if the cleanliness of the building is not managed properly. In today’s environment, proper school cleaning and maintenance are critical to a school’s safety and daily operation. MC Cleaning and Maintenance goes above and beyond to ensure the impeccable cleanliness of your school.

gas station

Gas Station Cleaning


Gas stations need regular cleaning more than other common facilities in almost any other industry. The high traffic of cars and people interact directly with the exterior of your business, often leaving dirt, grease and oil stains, a mess at your pump and parking areas. Call us today and are are ready to clean your gas station.